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D. Amos
I was in a terrible car accident. My whole right leg was severely broken. No one would pay my medical bills for the surgeries or pay for care for me after I got out of the hospital. I owed the hospital over $70,000.00. I went to another attorney, but he mislead me and did not get me any benefits at all. Then I called attorney Bret Schnitzer and he immediately got all my medical bills paid for, and he also got my attendant care, household services, and ongoing medical bills paid. I am still receiving all of my benefits today. Attorney Bret Schnitzer is number one!
S. Gaston
Bret Schnitzer is the BEST lawyer around. After my auto accident in which I sustained lifelong injuries including a traumatic brain injury, he was there to help me every step of the way. 19 years later he is still there for me. What an amazing human being!
M & K. Bell
We were blessed to have found Bret Schnitzer after my husband was involved in a semi-truck accident. He has helped us through many tough times. Both my husband Mark and I would recommend him. Mr. Schnitzer and all his staff treat you in a caring, courteous and respectful way.
R. Fitzgerald
I was involved in a severe truck accident. The insurance company would not pay anything. I hired Mr. Schnitzer and he did an excellent job looking out for my interests. I do not think I would have obtained the kind of money I received with any other lawyer.
P. Riley
My husband was hit by a car while riding his bike, sustaining traumatic brain injuries and multiple fractures. The insurance company gave us the “run around” for many months, offering no treatment options or payments of any type. Contacting Mr. Schnitzer got us results immediately and now my husband is receiving proper medical care and wage loss. Professional, hardworking, on the ball!!
C. Thompson
I was struck by a car while on my cycle. I woke up in the hospital. The insurance company paid me nothing for 13 months. I hired Bret Schnitzer and the benefits started coming in within 30 days of hiring him. It was amazing. Thank you for helping me and getting me the money and the treatment I need.
N. Barnett
I met Mr. Bret A. Schnitzer over 22 years ago. I found him when looking for a good injury lawyer to represent my child who had been hit by a car. Bret did an outstanding job and won the case for us in a settlement. Years later my brother was hurt in a truck accident and I referred him to Bret. I knew Bret would go a great job for him. The case had to go to trial and my brother won from the jury. I have known Bret for many, many years now, and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a good auto injury lawyer.
W. Troutman
I was a passenger in a car that went off the road into a ditch. I had a very bad fractured arm from the accident. The insurance company said that they could not get their insured to cooperate and so they would not pay me any benefits at all. I hired Bret Schnitzer who had to sue the insurance company. After about six months of litigation, Mr. Schnitzer got the insurance company to pay all my back wage loss, household services, attendant care and medical bills. Mr. Schnitzer then got the insurance company to pay me policy limits for my pain and suffering. I am still receiving my no-fault benefits as well every month thanks to Mr. Schnitzer.
R. Alfano
My husband was hit in a parking lot near the airport by an uninsured driver and sustained several serious injuries. He was disabled from work and I had to care for him as a result. Bret A. Schnitzer filed a lawsuit for us and was able to settle the case for a lot of money. He also obtained an agreement from the insurance company to pay my husband’s future no-fault benefits including wage loss, attendant care, household services, medical bills as part of the settlement. He got my husband and I a great settlement and we are very happy with the results. I think Bret Schnitzer is the best lawyer in Michigan and I recommend everyone I know to him. He is kind and considerate, very experienced and smart and he personally handles the case. I would tell anyone hire Bret Schnitzer!
C. Washington
Attorney Bret A. Schnitzer represented me in a hit and run car accident. The insurance company would not pay anything. Bret filed the lawsuit and we were in litigation for almost two years and the insurance company would not budge or offer anything at all. We had a two week Jury trial and Bret totally won the case. The Jury gave Bret everything he asked for. We were awarded over $300,000.00 by the Jury and now the insurance company was made to pay. Bret is the only attorney that could have won this case. He won all my No-Fault benefits and my Pain and Suffering money. Bret is a special attorney and I think that is why we won. Bret made all the difference and changed my whole life with this case.


“Mr. Schnitzer handled my auto accident case and I was very satisfied with his representation. He did a great job and got me a very large settlement. He is a great attorney and I recommend him”
–Jerry- yahoo local