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Referral Fees for Participation Lawyers

Michigan law allows referral fees, also known as participation fees, to be paid to referral attorneys with the consent and agreement of the client.

The Law Offices of Bret A. Schnitzer, P.C. does participate in the payment of referral fees in accordance with Michigan law.

The payment of a referral fee does not impact on the client's recovery and does not create a situation where the client pays any additional fees or costs as a result of the referral fee paid to the participating attorney.

Referral fee agreements to other attorneys are always in writing and specify the amount of the referral fee to be paid by the firm, and are not enforceable unless agreed to by the Schnitzer firm in writing. Payment of referral fees to non-lawyers are prohibited by Michigan law and will not be done.

Referral fees allow attorneys who are out of state or who wish to have a firm specializing in personal injury handle the case in order to maximize the recovery for the client. Not all states have the same laws regarding participation referral fees.

If your state has a limitation on the payment of referral fees, then this firm will abide by those laws and will modify its position to comply with those laws. The statement above is not intended to create a binding contract, agreement or solicitation and is for demonstrative purposes only.

Any agreements must be made on a case by case basis by specific written agreement by the firm on that individual case.