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Terrible Accidents Happening To Good People

Terrible Accidents Happening To Good People

by Bret Schnitzer


Terrible Accidents Can Happen to Good People. Our offices represent the Newlywed husband in this tragic accident for the wrongful death of his bride. The entire M-live article can be found by clicking on this link. Senseless accidents can be avoided.

Please don’t drink and drive. Friends don’t let friends drink and drive. Don’t furnish alcohol to minors. This tragic death occurred to these innocent newlyweds all because an 18 year old driver got behind the wheel of a relatives vehicle after consuming alcoholic beverages and drove the wrong way down the expressway.

Bad Automobile Accident In The Blink Of An Eye

Bad Automobile Accidents

by Bret Schnitzer

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Bad accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. An unidentified vehicle ran a stop sign and this vehicle hit a tree trying to avoid the collision. The at fault vehicle fled the scene, but the accident was witnessed by several independent witnesses who were ultimately interviewed by the police.

The two occupants of this vehicle are represented by Schnitzerlaw and Bret A. Schnitzer. They will be entitled to lifetime medical bills, attendant care, household services, wage loss and substantial uninsured motorist benefits for pain and suffering. Schnitzerlaw has been representing injury victims in Michigan for almost 30 years. Call us for a free consultation at (313) 389-2234.

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