Facebook Can Save A Life.


Facebook Can Save A Life.

by Bret Schnitzer

The other day while on Facebook looking at the news feed a rather gruesome photograph caught our eye that had been posted by a Facebook friend. The photograph was that of a daughter with a severe laceration on the back of her arm. The daughter had gone up North with her relatives and a dog had jumped on her from behind and she ended up coming home with approximately 36 stitches. A source claimed she was pushed from behind by the dog into a nail on a picnic table which caused the laceration. The laceration looked much more like a dog bite and the child’s mom felt that things were not right with the story.

When we saw the photograph we let our Facebook friend know that if that were in fact a dog bite, the hospital would have treated the wound much differently then a nail laceration. Rabies shots would have been given and the wound would not have been sutured because of the high risk of infection from dog bites.

Our Facebook friend immediately took her daughter back to the hospital that night and it turned out that it was in fact a dog bite. Her daughter had a developed complications due to the dog bite, and she needed to be admitted to the hospital. Had the child not been brought back to the hospital, her life was significantly at risk. As it turns out, Facebook and Facebook friends, can certainly save a life.

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